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The Image has text that says "Level Up". The typography of the text suggests leveling up; There are gestalt arrows embeded in the letters.

Level Up Psychology

No more cookie cutter therapy! We will meet you to develop a personalized plan.  Our sessions are adaptable to fit your needs and your schedule.

Book earlier to get those appointments that are in high-demand (late day, evening, and weekends).

Anxiety (GAD)

Anxiety can be a powerful motivator in life. We're meant to have anxiety, but too much anxiety can undermine your ability to live freely. Our providers are trained in many approaches (CBT, EMDR, Exposure and Response Prevention, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to support your well-being


EMDR is a psychotherapy treatment used to to help challenge maladaptive beliefs

Adoption Assesments

We provide adoption assessments for domestic and international adoptions. Start your adoption journey!

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Our registered Psychologists Melody has experience working with a plethora of OCD sub-types. She's supported individuals with OCD as a professional and as a Mother.

Adult Counselling

Our registered psychologists, Melody and Mitchell, provides services in these categories: anxiety, depression, couples and family struggles parenting, personality and psychodeducational assessments, career coaching and life issues.

See who is best suited to support your growth and development.


Receive a 15-20 page report to support your child's development. Our package is designed to be more affordable than most.