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Own Your Career at Level Up

What is Level Up? Sweaters and sneakers over button-downs and heels; we're all about out-of-the-box thinking and a family like workplace! Positions are open for for registered psychologists, provisional psychologists, registered social workers, and a psychiatrist. To inquire about open positions, email us at

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Cuture Fit

Culture Fit

You'll commonly see us wearing comfy casual clothing; at Level Up, our goal is to create a family-like atmosphere. Our offices are designed like living rooms because we want both our clients and our employees to feel like they're at home. It is not uncommon to work 

Melody's office has a fuzzy carpet and has full shiny leather chairs.
General Requirements

General Requirements

  • All applicants must be in good standing with their professional body. 

  • Clinicians at Level Up must provide a clean Criminal Records Check - Vulnerable Sector, and Child Welfare Check that is current to three months, prior to application, and also every two years they are on contract.

  • All therapists must carry individual professional liability insurance for at least $2 million.

  • clinicians must also be competent at
    utilizing word-processing and spreadsheet programs (e.g., Word, Excel).

co-operatively with other Level Up therapists, based on client needs (e.g., EMDR that the primary clinician cannot provide, or one clinician is providing individual therapy while another provides couples therapy for that client), so Level Up clinicians must be able to work in both an individual and team-based practice approach. Our monthly case-consultations and business development meetings will help further improve individual and team-based skills. Level Up is women-led, and we are LGTBQ+ friendly. To see our values, view our about us page.

A path between the sections. Images in each section are a team working and a checklist.


Two people are lookiing at a calendar and picking dates
A person is looking at round images of people's faces. There is a checkmark beside two of them.
The options, Child, Trauma and Adult are available for a man to choose from.

Pick Your Hours

Pick Your Clients

Pick Your Specialty

Two two-storyhouses one house has a satellite dish on the to, and the other has a triangle roof
A lady is looking in the mirro and choosing between a fuzzy sweatshirt or a long-loose-button-down dress.

Home-like Offices

Casual Attire

Adapted and original illustrations from Freepik Storyset.

Current Openings

Current Openings

Positions we are currently trying to fill. For more info contact .

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