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International Adoption Assessments

Growing your family through an international adoption? We can help.

What is Involved in an International Adoption Assessment?

When you are adopting from outside of Canada, adopting countries typically want to make sure that their children are going to emotionally, physically, and intellectually healthy homes.  Even though you have had your home study, that is only designed to provide your adopting country with details of you, your life, and your personal history. The psychological assessment is designed to provide significant information regarding yours and/or your partners mental health.  These assessments are designed to issue a recommendation to your adoption authority regarding your parenting capacities and limits in caring for a child, as this capacity relates to mental health and psychological adjustment. 

Each country surrendering children for adoption has its own requirements for psychological assessments of prospective parents which form part of the overall assessment of parents ‘suitability’ for adopting.  I am familiar with the requirements for a range of adoption authorities: some require lengthy psychological assessments complete with individual and couple assessments, and examination using psychometrically validated tools measuring personality and psychopathology, while others require only a simple statement of ‘sanity’.  

Domestic Adoption Assessments

Domestic adoption refers to any adoptions between Canadian parents and children. Assessments are often required and can provide peace of mind, in addition to official paperwork, to all parties involved. 

Examples of domestic adoption include:

  • Public (children under government care)

  • Private, through a licensed Agency

  • Relative, adoption by kin of a child or step-parents

International Assessments

International adoption refers to any adoptions between Canadian parents and children currently living outside of Canada. Many people think of populous countries, such as India & China, but international also covers the United States: a country close in proximity with many children looking for forever homes.

Many countries require assessments before an adoption can be approved.

We offer a free consultation for adoption assessments. Please contact our client relations team below.

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