Why settle for the status quo when you can

Tired of the cookie-cutter, old-fashioned, narrow approaches to helping Your Family? Your Business? Your Career?

Level Up Leadership Consulting & Psychology begins with

scientific-based assessments that are personalized & comprehensive.

Followed by step-by-step strategies and recommendations

for your unique needs. 

Melody Morin is an E-MBA Registered Psychologist who

is passionate about helping others achieve their maximum potential. Find out what she can do for you...



Struggling on the corporate ladder?

Want to grow your skill sets to be more marketable?


Is your organization hitting obstacles?

Want to be pro-actively educate & train your employees?

Kiddos & parents in need of personalized support from a professional that truly understands.

Owner/Registered Psychologist:


Melody Morin

read more about Mel & Level Up

  • @Melody.LevelUpLeadership
  • @levelupleadershipyeg
  • LinkedIn
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