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ONE-ON-ONE coaching: Why do I need a Coach?

Coaching is an Integral Part of Efficient Success.

You can still get to where you're going without a coach, but your path may be filled with unnecessary detours and delays.

So how does a Coach help?

  • Get an objective view of YOU: your interests, skills & strengths

  • Learn to identify your goals and the gap between you and them

  • Gain focus for doing forward-moving tasks

  • Benefit from motivation that comes from built in accountability 

  • Re-strategize when you have challenges

In the foreground the text "One-on-one coaching, identify your goals, plan your path, and live your dream" is displayed.

Luck is when preparation 
meets opportunity.

Are you ready to Level Up?

A book that says "Create a life you love" on the cover.

Coaching sessions can be purchased individually or in a package, with a focus in your area of choice:

leadership, executive or general life coaching.  



Women with a cause. It's a team meeting.

learn to confidently use methods that inspire

Apply what you learn to your career, or your personal interests:

coaching sports teams, church groups, extra-curricular clubs.  



Two women talking ot eachother. One lady is pointing at a screen.

training and education for

top tier achievers

Learn and develop the practical skills and abilities you need to function in executive positions. Become promote-able and sought after

in your field of choice.



A lady doing the yoga. She is in the Scorpion pose

Focus on a career that fulfills your values while filling your wallet. Prioritize and streamline your days to find balance within your relationships and commitments.

create a life with

harmony  joy!

Individual Sessions

You can purchase a single session of one-on-one coaching on it's own,

or as an add-on to a previous coaching packages.


Individual Session rates are subject to change, please message us for a quote. 

Are you ready to Level Up?

Click on the 'Session Request & Quote' button below.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ on Coaching here

Coaching Packages

Package Perks:

Micro-sessions are available between sessions for quick check-ins: sharing successes or re-strategizing for a challenge.

As a BONUS gift to you , your coaching package includes your choice of a top validated, scientific self-assessment tool

rock star






perfect for:

-first timers,

-rock stars with a great life

who crave a little boost







perfect for:

-you're aiming for a promotion,

-if you're ready for a

significant change







perfect for:

-you're at a crossroads

-when you want it all

-you're ready to dig deep

Coaching Sessions FAQ

Q: Can my coaching sessions be covered by health benefits?

A: Yes! Level Up's Dr. Melody Morin is a registered psychologist, therefore your sessions may be covered by your benefits. Official receipts can be provided for your reimbursement. (Please confirm with your plan as individual benefit coverage varies.)

Q: How long are sessions? 

A: All sessions are structured as 45 minutes of targeted coaching time within a 1 hour session. This format allows a bumper to ensure session completeness.

Q: I'm not local, can I still get coaching sessions? 

A: Yes! Your sessions may take place online, over the phone or in person as pre-determined between the client and coach. 

Q: Which options are available for my BONUS gift: validated, scientific self-assessment tool?

A: Choices include but are not limited to Emotional Intelligence EQi 2.0, The Myers Briggs Trait Type Inventory, Strong Interest Inventory, Thomas Khliman Conflict Inventory. Your coach will provide a personalized recommendation but the final decision is up to you.

Q: Does my Coaching Package have a time limit?

A: Yes. For optimal motivation and accountability, sessions need to be used within the given number of months.

Q: What happens if I can't make a session?

A: Sessions may be re-schedule with at least 24 hours prior notice for within the same month; exceptions may be granted at the Coach's discretion. Missed sessions or failure to give 24 hours notice, will be subjected to a $50 rescheduling fee, administered at the Coach's discretion.

Q: Can I customize my Coaching Package?

A: Yes! Want more sessions per month? Want more months for your sessions? Prefer longer sessions?  A tailored coaching package may be created. Contact us with your request.

FAQ coaching

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