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Group seminars. More events coming soon.

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Upcoming Group Seminars

A lady sitting at the grand canyon. Burnout to balance.
Coaching Seminar: Burnout to Balance

What causes burnout? Why are more professionals burning out now then ever before? Are there signs to alert you you're close to a burnout? Are you at risk for making a career ending mistake?


How can you have a life with balance and still achieve your career goals?

Join Melody Morin, registered psychologist, as she talks you through common burnout symptoms. Learn what to watch out for and how to protect yourself. Melody will teach you skills and give you tools to ensure you won't become another burnout statistic. 

NEXT SESSION: to be announced

A group of smiling people. They are looking at someone out of frame
Speaking Event: Women in the Workforce


Women in the workforce experience a different work environment than men, especially when it comes to leadership. Looking for a better understanding of why women are experiencing difficulties in leadership? What does the research say about how women are not supporting one another and how we need men to help change societal and organizational views?

Attend this half day workshop to acquire better awareness and insight into this leadership gap phenomenon!

NEXT DATE: to be announced

A lady looking at a digram of resources on an ipad.
Speaking Event: The Truth about Unconscious Bias


Are you looking for opportunities to ensure that your work with others is biases free?


Many of use don’t realize that we have unconscious biases that are impacting how we are interacting with others. This includes biases about gender orientation, women in the workforce, race, and culture. All of these factors may be impacting your abilities to lead others effectively and develop a high performing team and organization.


NEXT SESSION: to be announced

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