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Why do I need Level Up Leadership Consulting?

Finding success in today's world can be difficult.


We are competing in a global market with our workforce skills, connected 24/7 to our social networks and constantly comparing our real lives with the perfect images we see online.


It's easy to feel like the proverbal hamster on the wheel: spinning at full speed, exhausted but getting nowhere.

So how do you maximize your potential?

Benefit from Dr. Melody Morin's unique combination of

  • business organizational experience,

  • study of women in leadership positions, and

  • role as a Registered Ph. D Psychologist. 

Whether it's our one-on-one coaching packages, group seminars or a business consultation, Level Up Leadership can help you uncover and polish your strengths and overcome the obstacles preventing you from being your best self or being a top company and achieving your goals.

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LEVEL UP for Individuals

Need a little help climbing the corporate ladder?

Realize success in your career!

Work with a registered psychologist who has a deep understanding of the obstacles and bias facing women in professional positions.

Harness your skills and interests with your personal coach by your side, offering insight and scientific tools to help you identify and accomplish your biggest (and smallest) goals.

Melody Morin, has spent years studying business organizations and women in leadership roles. Her experience and knowledge is truly a unique combination.

We offer:

Coming soon:

  • Online Seminars, Coaching Mini Sessions, Group Workshops & more!

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