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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Ellen (she/her) - a sister, daughter, partner, friend, writer, and mental health advocate. 


I share this with you as I believe my personal being impacts so much of my professional being. I strive to create a space for clients that feels human and kind, and acknowledge the courage that comes along with accessing mental health support.


I am experienced in working with children and youth who are impacted by grief, loss, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and identity struggles related to sexuality, culture, or disability. I work closely with children and youth who have varying levels of language and/or communication skills resulting from speech delays/disorders or Deafness.


I take an eclectic approach to treatment that is holistic, anti-oppressive, and strength based. I believe in incorporating creative and compassionate approaches into my clinical work and do so by utilizing play therapy techniques in my practice. I also incorporate elements of cognitive behavioral therapy, solutions focused therapy, narrative therapy, and mindfulness strategies.


I have worked within the school system for several years, supporting the mental health of neurodiverse students and assisting young adults and families navigate life's transitions. When I’m not at work, I’m practicing my own self-care by spending time with people who support me, being outside with my dog, and dreaming of future travels. I am conversationally fluent in American Sign Language (ASL) and am passionate about accessible, person-centered mental health care for all.


I welcome your story and look forward to meeting you and your child when the time is right! 

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