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Family Counselling

Helping Your Family

Families have unique and complex relationships with each other that are deep and multilayered. As such, we are dedicated to providing psychological services to families from providers that have a wide range of experience in the field of family counselling so that the distinct challenges that your family is facing are appreciated through the support of our team.


Families come in all shapes and sizes, and we recognize that in such a varied field, issues such as divorce/separation, parent-child conflict, co-parenting disagreements, grief and loss, life transitions, and blended family integration are all concerns we can help with.  We will help your family understand and work through struggles together to enhance the quality of your relationships.  

Common Family Therapy Themes

We understand that families and the people that are in them are diverse. As such, there are many possible challenges that could bring families to seek out support in a counselling environment. When considering family therapy, it’s important to think about what family members believe are the most significant concerns to work through.


Some of the most common themes found in family therapy are:

Families often access counselling services when looking for ways to strengthen their bond with each other. Working through some of the challenges listed above can help families come together and better understand other members' perspectives. Remember, this is not an exhaustive list but only a few of the more common themes found in family counselling. If you feel like family counselling may be right for you, or you would like a consultation to discuss your options, please reach out to us for more information and support.

Meet Mitchell our Family Counsellor!


Please contact our client relations team for more information about family counselling.

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