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Gross + Fine Motor Skills Assessments

Our occupational therapists can complete an assessment if your child is struggling with motor skills.

Fine motor skills are the movements and coordination of the small muscles of the body, typically thought of as the movements that involve the fingers and the hands. Fine motor skills are important for supporting independence with dressing, feeding, eating and performance in school. At Level Up, our Occupational Therapists, Sarah & Erin can formally assess fine motor skills!

Gross motor skills are those skills that involve the whole body — your core muscles (think belly and back) and the muscles of your arms and legs. When your child uses their gross motor skills, they’re also working on balance, coordination, hand-eye coordination, and strengthening the neural pathways in their brain. Book today with one of our occupational therapists if your child is struggling with these.

Gross + Fine Motor Skills

If you have questions about gross and fine motor skills assessments, please contact our client relations team.

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