Infant & Preschool Services

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Circle of Security Parenting (Individual or Group)

Have you ever wondered why your child might behave as they do and wondered what your child might be trying to communicate to you through their behavior? Circle of Security Parenting explains how to truly connect with your child and build the relationship that you strive for. For more information you can visit their website, download our presentation or watch our video!

Preschool Child Social Skills Group

Give your child the opportunity to make friends with other children with similar issues. Group curriculum consists of: learning basic emotions, group activities to promote sharing, Tucker Turtle problem solving technique, anxiety reducing strategies and other fun activities to foster self esteem.

Sleep, Toileting, and Feeding

These functions are imperative for survival and impact our daily lives in countless ways. For example, hunger, fatigue and physical discomfort are unpleasant, can decrease our tolerance for stress and, when chronically present, can negatively impact our overall quality of life. For infant and preschoolers struggling with these functions, it may present as meal time power struggles, difficulties settling to fall asleep, waking several times at night, waking up tired, difficulties with the potty training transition, irregular bowel moments, and constipation.

Social & Emotional Difficulties

Children’s social and emotional health affects their overall health and learning. Research indicates that children who are mentally healthy tend to be happier, show greater motivation to learn, have a more positive attitude towards school, more eagerly participate in school activities, and demonstrate higher academic performance than less mentally healthy peers (Hyson, 2004, Kostelnik, 2014). Examples of social and emotional difficulties include: severe temper tantrums and crying to express needs, difficulties transitioning from one activity to another, lack of interest in peers and/or difficulties interacting with peers.

Supporting your child with co-regulation

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Child Led Play

Some Curated Resources From Our Registered Social Worker: Roberta.
Roberta has extensive experience working with toddlers and preschoolers!

Parenting Styles

Six Critical Messages