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Intensive OCD Exposure Groups

Dr. Morin has single-handedly developed our soon-to-be launched intensive OCD program. The
development of this program has been based on research, training, and experience that she
received and observed, by experts in the OCD field in the United States. Her professional and
personal experience with OCD has allowed her to understand what is needed from a treatment
perspective but also what families require to work together toward better emotional health.


Dr. Morin is passionate about working with individuals who have OCD, as she knows from her
personal experience how difficult finding treatment can be.


This program is one a kind!

COMING IN 2023!!

Information On Upcoming Exposure Groups (Ages 10-15)

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OCD Group Info Pg 2.jpg
OCD Group Info Pg 4.jpg
OCD Group Info Pg 5.jpg
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For more information on OCD Exposure Groups, contact our client relations team.

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