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Jenn Parker

Canadian Certified Counsellor



Age Range

Wednesday 9AM-3PM
Thursday 4PM-8PM

Youth (11 - 17)

Adults (18+)

Please confirm that your insurance covers Counselling services. If you are unsure please contact your insurance provider.


I graduated with my MA in Counselling Psychology in December 2022 and am currently working as Canadian Certified Counsellor.  I intend to register with the College of Alberta Psychologists in 2023. I have approximately 20 years’ experience working with children, adolescents and adults within community and school-based settings to address many diverse and complex challenges. As both a professional and a parent I believe in the need for all individuals to have a connection that allows them to feel heard, understood and supported.

I look to build therapeutic relationships based on understanding the individual’s strengths, and skills they already possess. I want to work with you to enhance these qualities through an integrative therapeutic approach built upon respect, trust and validation of your experiences allowing you to set and achieve your goals.

My previous work with children and families has been focused around understanding behavior and emotions while working to develop tools and strategies for self-regulation. Using this approach to meet both children and parents where they are at and assisting them to understand what emotions and behaviors are attempting to communicate.

I am interested in techniques from Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy as well as work in Mindfulness and Self-Regulation. I am not anchored to any specific approach and want to work collaboratively to meet your needs, understand your goals, and build upon your strengths.

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