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Kaeli Feehan

Canadian Certified Counsellor

Kaeli Photo.jpg

Age Range


Monday 9:30AM-11:30AM
Tuesday 9:30AM-11:30AM
Friday 5PM-8PM

Children (5-10)

Youth (11 - 17)

Please confirm that your insurance covers Counselling services. If you are unsure please contact your insurance provider.


I’m so glad you’re here.


My name is Kaeli and I am thrilled to join the amazing team at Level Up Psychology as a professional member of the Canadian Art Therapy Association and a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC). I hold a Master of Psychotherapy and Spirituality Degree, with an Art Therapy Specialization, from St. Stephen’s College (University of Alberta).


As a mother of three, I share a deep connection with kids - they are our best and most courageous teachers. I understand childhood to be wonderful and magical, but it can also be scary and heavy at times. Problems or concerns can feel really big and frightening. Art therapy can help. Children often have a hunger to express themselves through art and creativity. It is for this reason that art therapy comes into its own in their world.


So what is art therapy? Art therapy is when psychotherapy and art are combined to help clients explore, understand, and express thoughts and feelings that are often difficult to talk about. Art is used as a language to share and explore feelings, concerns, and life experiences. You do not need to have any art experience to participate in art therapy. I believe everyone is an artist, even if it’s your first time picking up a paintbrush, crayon, or glue stick.


In session, clients can anticipate making art, playing, and talking if they choose. Through the creative process, clients can alleviate stress, find relief from overwhelming emotions or trauma, foster insight, resolve problems or conflicts, and increase their sense of well-being.


My personal approach to art therapy is person-centred, and strength-based, and my practice is informed by narrative therapy and positive psychology. My areas of focus include grief and loss, anxiety support, emotion regulation, and self-esteem/confidence building.


I look forward to connecting with you, and am truly honoured to be a compassionate witness and companion on your family’s journey to wellness. 

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