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Leadership Services

Benefit from Dr. Melody Morin's unique combination of business organizational experience, the study of women in leadership positions and her role as a Registered Ph. D Psychologist. 

One-on-one Coaching

Objective, identify, focus, motivate, re-strategize: Dr. Morin's strategy to improve efficiently. You have the option to benefit from leadership coaching, executive coaching, or life coaching.

Business Consultations

Our Industrial-Organizational (I/O) Psychologist will apply scientific principles to help Level Up your business! Develop plans for on-boarding, team development, inclusion, diversity and more.

Dr. Morin achieved her Ph.D in I/O Psychology. I/O psychology uses psychological sciences, principles and research tactics to solve workplace and business problems as well as improve workers' experiences. Dr. Morin can help you learn how to collaborate with you human resources team more effectively, how to analyze your workers' job performances, assist in company transitions and more.

Group Leadership Seminars

​Sit with Dr. Morin as she instructs coaching seminars and speaking events. Manage stress and learn how women can support each other in the workforce. 

For more information about leadership consulting, contact our client relations team!

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