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I am a Registered Provisional Psychologist with graduate training in developmental, clinical, and counselling psychology. In the early days of my career, I was dedicated to studying cognitive development and how early attachment shapes behaviour across the lifespan. A scientist’s mind will always search for the how and why, but my heart found its home in the therapy room. This is a sacred place for growing through the pain and challenges all of us face in one form or another. It is my intention for you to feel heard and respected. My attention will be on your thoughts and emotions and, together, we can wade through the weeds. It is okay to find yourself tangled up sometimes.


At Level Up, I am carving a unique space for young adults (ages 16-24). This is not an easy time to be coming of age. Many things in our proximal environment are toxic and the world around us is more than a bit unsteady. You might feel like certain things are your fault or that you are weak in some way, but that simply isn’t true. When responsibility is unfairly offloaded onto the individual, people internalize all sorts of things. This means that we are all navigating dense forest paths searching for rays of light, and they shine through, no matter how dark it feels. An important area of my practice is suicidal ideation. It is not uncommon to have these thoughts sometimes, and so it is important to have a place to talk about them. If you find yourself really scared and teetering on the edge, please let me help you find your footing again.


My interests and expertise cover a wide range of clinical areas and I am happy to work with youth and adults of any age. I approach the therapeutic process with a general humanistic lens and regard people as the experts on their own lives. I observe quietly with compassion to provide support as you discover or rediscover your strengths and love for life, finding meaning along the way.

Please Note that all clients wishing to attend in-person therapy with Melissa must be fully

vaccinated. Proof of vaccination is required prior to the appointment. If proof of vaccination is not provided before the appointment, the appointment will be moved online. Other practitioners at Level Up Leadership Consulting & Psychology do not have the same restrictions. However, we ask that clients respect the boundaries set out by our individual practitioners. 

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