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Sandplay is a fun, relaxed play therapy approach.

Sandplay is a fun, relaxed play therapy approach based on Jungian theory. Sandtray provides a safe, creative environment where the individual can be in control, creating their own three-dimensional world and assigning their own meaning. The therapist helps them to connect their feelings and experiences, which they may struggle to express verbally. The approach is nondirective and allows the individual to play independently without any assumptions or expectations. Each individual assigns their own meaning to the miniatures and what they represent.

What is Sandplay?

Who Benefits From Sandplay?

Psychoeducational assessments are valuable for people at any age because the learnings can be applied throughout life. However, we would like to emphasize the importance of early intervention. Psychoeducational assessments can start as early as 3.5 years of age. There are other assessment tools available for younger children, and they can test social skills, behaviors skills, and fine/gross motor capabilities. For example, autism assessments can start as early as 13 months. 

Having a very young child who is experiencing difficulty at school is distressing for parents as well as for the child. It can affect the whole family, including siblings. When a teacher calls a parent to discuss concerns about their child’s slower than anticipated academic skill development, feelings of anxiety and stress quickly follow.


·       Helps express non-verbalized emotional issues.

·       The sandplay is a neutral space where the child, adolescent, adult or family is in control.

·       Unique kinesthetic quality.

·       Negative or intense emotions can be projected onto the miniatures.

·       Naturally sets boundaries and limits.

·       The sandplay and miniatures allow for a safe expression of needs and wants that are not dependent on words. Individuals attach their own meaning to the miniatures

·       There are no rules

For more information on Sandplay, watch this video by the Sandplay Therapists of America


To request an intake questionnaire or for more information, contact our client relations team.

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