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Sensory Assessments

Sensory Assessments help therapists identify the impact on a person's day-to-day functioning and find ways of helping.

A Sensory assessment is completed to assess how an individual responds to the ever growing load of sensory information they receive on a daily basis. By reviewing how a person responds to sensory information, the therapist can help identify the impact on a person's day to day functioning.


The Sensory assessment will be completed by an occupational therapist and may include a combination of direct observation, standardized assessment, and/or caregiver or self report that helps to determine how the individual responds to the sensory input they are receiving.  

What Is a Sensory Assessment?

When Is a Sensory Assessment Needed?

Signs that an individual may struggle with processing sensory information can include:​

  • Being easily distracted or bothered by sounds, textures, light or smells.

  • Individuals may rock, shake, jump, or spin frequently.

  • Appearing clumsy or frequently bumps into obstacles.

  • Sensitive to crowded, noisy environments.

  • Struggles to identify changes in temperature.

  • May appear under or over sensitive to pain.

  • Has difficulty holding objects.

For more information on sensory assessments, contact our client relations team.

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