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Our Services

Level-Up provides services for individuals, professionals, companies and organizations.  Explore our services below.

Services for Individuals

Individual Counselling

Individual counselling can help with feeling heard, life transitions, communication with others, being frustrated as a parent, stress, burnout, learn how to overcome challenges and more.

Our dietitian can help you achieve a healthy, peaceful relationship with food and your body.

We can offer several types of appointments virtually/online or over the phone to make services more accessible.

Including polyarmorous, open relationships, and those identifying with the LGBTQS community.

Our speech + language service can help with a with many challenges such as  cognitive communication, feeding, swallowing, flluency, motor-speech and more.

Our ADHD coaches are individuals who have specialized training with working with individuals who have ADHD like symptoms or have a diagnosis of ADHD

We will help your family understand and work through struggles together to enhance the quality of your relationships.

An Occupational Therapist supports an individual's ability to fulfill their daily routines and roles. They can help individuals with injuries, illnesses, disabilities or mental health struggles overcome daily challenges.

Services for Professionals


We provide supervision to provisional psychologists.

Leadership Services

We offer one-on-one coaching, business consultations and group leadership seminars.

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