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Billing Information

General Billing Information


To view our up to date fees, please see our booking page.

Fee Coverage

  • All or partial fees may be recovered through private health insurance plans.

  • Fees may also be tax deductible under medical expenses on your income tax.

  • Direct Billing to some Employee Assistance Programs is available.

Billable Time

Billable time is considered any time the therapist spends with clients in session (in-person, phone, video), working on the client’s file (follow ups, reports, connecting to other agencies or persons on client’s request), or responding to clients via phone or email in regards to clients’ therapeutic content. To minimize your charges, we encourage you to share your information at the time of your sessions. Contact made in any form to address appointments and scheduling is not considered billable time. Working on the client’s file and responding to clients via phone or email in regards to clients’ therapeutic content are subject to non-session billable rates: 15 minutes increments billed at $200/hr. For example, 30 minutes spent on report writing will be $100. Time spent is rounded up to the nearest 15 minute increment.

Cancellation or No Show Of Appointments

Our appointment times are reserved for clients. Our clients are financially responsible for our scheduled time as agreed upon in our Client Services Contract. We require 48 hours notice of cancellation for counselling sessions and 5 days notice for any assessments.

Methods of Payment Section

  • We must have a card on file for you - it can be a credit card, debit visa, or debit mastercard.

  • New clients are required to pay a $50 deposit for the first session. If your insurance covers the entire appointment we will refund you.

  • Money orders and E-Transfers may also be an option, speak to your therapist to make arrangements.

  • Payments need to be made on Janeapp or make a billing inquiry to our Director of Client Relations at Payment must be made within 24 hours of your completed session. If the session is not paid prior to the next scheduled session, we may cancel your session.

  • Please ensure you are clear on what your insurance provider will cover with respect to your session. Any differences between what your insurance pays and our stated billable amount will need to be paid by the client. Please speak to our Client Relations Team regarding direct billing and coverage.

  • You can make arrangements for the clinic to direct bill your credit card on file, after each session. Please speak to our Client Relations Team about this arrangement.

  • All invoices can be printed off from your Janeapp account.

If your account goes into arrears more than 90 days, Level Up reserves the right to place your account in collection.  You will be responsible for any and all collection charges incurred.

direct billing

Insurance and Direct Billing

We offer direct billing with many insurance providers! Some options are only available for clients booking with Registered Psychologists. To see if we can bill to your insurance company directly, use the diagram below.

Options Available to Everyone

Options Available for Appointments with Registered Psychologists

It is important to know how much coverage you have.  

Questions to ask your insurance provider are:

  1. What types of clinicians (e.g. psychologists, provisional psychologists, social workers) do I have coverage for?

  2. Is there a maximum coverage amount (per year/lifetime)? If so, what is it?

  3. When does my insurance coverage 'roll-over' or 'renew'?

Only your insurance company can provide this information. As a service provider we are not able to look into the details of your plan.

Are We Missing A Company?


Q: What are Level Up's individual rates?

A: We offer a variety of professionals to meet your needs! Please contact the clinic for updated rates for each provider.

Q: What are Level Up's corporate rates?

A: Please contact us directly for corporate rates, as they are dependent on the services required.

Q: What does my insurance benefits cover?

A: Insurance coverage varies between companies and plans. For your specific coverage, look in your benefit book, online or contact your company direct. Psychology sessions usually fall under the 'Paramedical Services' section of your benefits. Some plans will have a set dollar amount per year per type of service, some will have a pooled account for any services under this category and others have coverage based on a percentage.

Not every insurer covers every type of mental health therapist.  For example, Alberta Blue Cross will cover and allow direct billing for services provided by psychologists, social workers and clinical social workers and provisional psychologists.  SunLife will cover Psychologists and Social Workers, but does not enable direct billing.  Manulife covers Psychologists, and sometimes covers Social Workers, but does not enable direct billing.


Services such as psychologist/mental health therapist, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage, podiatrists, osteopaths and optometrists fall under Paramedical Services.  Paramedical Services often draw on one pool of money.  This means that if you use your benefits to see a physiotherapist you will have less money remaining for psychology services.

Q: Can I use my health spending account?

A: Many businesses are using Health Spending Accounts to allow their employees to have the flexibility to cover the services that they need individually. If you have access to a health spending account, funds are usually easier to access than traditional coverage.

Q: Will disability insurance cover sessions?

A: In our experience, coverage is often at the discretion of your case manager/specialist. If you feel sessions with a psychologist will aid you with getting back to work, we encourage you to be your own self-advocate and make the request. The timeline/process of approvals vary from client to client; sometimes it takes several requests to be approved while others have had the manager/specialist initiate the  referral. 

Q: Is direct billing available?

A: Whenever possible, we are happy to bill your insurance provider directly. For a list of providers we are currently approved to direct bill, please click here.


Q: I don't see my insurance provider, what can I do?

You can make a specific inquiry about your interest & company, and receive a response by submitting a form here.


Want to stay anonymous? Use our simple request form here

More Questions?


Interested in direct billing but don't see your Insurance Provider? 

Email Client Relations

REQUEST: direct billing
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